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Locker Room Rules

My rules for being in any locker room. Anywhere, any time of day, any locker room.  I’ve had to revisit this list since I’ve started swimming once a week.  The pressure!!!

  • Wear some sort of flip flops.  My feet are important to me.  I don’t want to get fungus or give any.  I don’t think I have any but the point is, it’s a wet environment.
  • Don’t be self conscious.  We’re all women, we all have the same parts.  Yes, we do look at each other but not in a creepy or sexual way.  In my opinion it’s because 1) women are beautiful and unique and we’re curious about each other even if we don’t admit it; 2)  We’re looking at each other and critiquing ourselves.  Women are their own worst critics.  Seriously, we should get over it and just embrace who we are and work on the things we aren’t as happy with.
  • Pretty panties are a must.  I love the whole bra and panty, lacy, pretty, make you feel good to have it on under your clothes even if no one else knows it’s there.  Love it.  I feel pretty and sexy knowing what’s on UNDER what’s on.  In the locker room everyone DOES know what’s on under.  Similar to being in an accident in dirty underwear maybe????  You’re in the gym to look better, so wear pretty under things.  Trust me, it makes a difference.
  • Keep your area cleaned up.  We all have stuff.  Those of you that take over an entire section of the locker room aren’t “sorry” – if you were sorry you’d pick up a little or take up less space.  It’s called sharing.
  • Say hello, strike up conversation, ask questions.  A lady asked me the other day if I was training for a triathlon.  Maybe.  She was my moms age and told me of her experiences doing them and strongly encouraged me.  It was wonderful.  I enjoyed her insight and experience.  Yes, we chatted in our underwear about triathlons.  Do it.  You never know what you could learn.
  • If you see someone new that looks clueless like I still do – hey I just realized they provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the showers but have no idea where the towels are so I bring my own.  Yes, really.  For someone so outgoing I haven’t asked anyone yet.  I just keep bringing my own

I’m sure there are more rules and regs for the locker room, but that about covers it.  We’re in this fitness thing together so be kind, courteous and helpful


Healthy Eating

I very rarely post pictures of food. I know most running or fitness bloggers do but I’m not sure why. Personal accountability?? To show healthy eating?? I don’t show pictures because I don’t like looking at them. Unless I’m following a recipe, I just don’t really enjoy looking at a plate with what you ate last night.  I’m an oddity in that I have no food issues.  I’ve never eaten due to a mood – anger, depression, etc…  I’ve never gained a lot of weight or fought to keep my weight down.  This isn’t a conversation I bring up – I know I’m the exception to the rule.  All I know is that we all face personal trials and food isn’t one of mine.  I eat because I need to eat and I thoroughly enjoy good food.  That’s pretty much it.  I’ve been told I’m “lucky” but I firmly believe that if we all walked out on the street, lined up and showed what our personal struggles are, we wouldn’t trade with anyone.  We’re all just unique in our battles.  SO, I’m attempting (by request) to showcase some recipes.  If I get really wild and crazy I might have a link on here just for recipes…..  Don’t get excited.

There are some traditions food wise that my kids have grown up with.  Here are a few:  We have pizza and soda night about twice a month.  My son Taylor who is now 14 used to burp all the time.  I would tell him it wasn’t an appropriate time to burp in public, at the dinner table, etc…  One day when he was about 6 he looked at me and said, “When IS the appropriate time to burp?”.  Man these kids are smart!!  So I declared pizza and soda night a burping free for all.  We compete now and sadly, I’m not usually the winner anymore…..  It’s not BAD to indulge in unhealthy food and we always have – in moderation.  When you’re raised like my kids were with predominantly healthy food, maintaining a healthy diet is just part of your lifestyle.  Other traditions:  I bake all their birthday cakes.  Almost every single one.  My older kids sometimes bake them and a couple were store bought, but 99% were made from scratch.  I cook most of our food from scratch actually so the kids have grown up in the kitchen with me (many times driving me a little crazy, but “helping” none the less).  Now they take turns cooking and some of them have a forte.

Gabrielle likes to cook muffins.  Surprise muffins to be exact.  She makes them regularly and they’re never around for long.  She got a wild hair to improvise the recipe – I love when they get creative – and tried it yesterday.  Instead of jam in the center, she used dark chocolate chips.  Delicious.  Next up???  Peanut butter!!

Great book for kiddos in the kitchen.  My kids like having their own books to cook from and the recipes are easy

Great book for kiddos in the kitchen. My kids like having their own books to cook from and the recipes are easy

The recipe

The recipe

Gabi pulling her special muffins out of the oven

Gabi pulling her special muffins out of the oven

Showing off her new creation which were amazing!!

Showing off her new creation which were amazing!!


YOU WANT A PIECE OF THIS???!!!  And yes, it’s a picture of food….

Digging Deeper

Last night I met my teammates and coach(es) for a hill run. I know these hills now. Intimately. Painfully. At the end of the second one mile hill repeat, the faster members of my team were waiting to cheer us all on. My coach was positioned a little below the top of the hill. “Let’s go!!! Dig deeper!! What’s in your soul??!! Push it to the top!! Push, push, push!!!”  So I pushed, I dug and I was faster up the last of the hill.  As has happened many times in my life, this made me wonder:  “How much more do I have inside?  If I really dig, how much more could this be??”  Not just with running, or lifting weights, swimming or riding a bike.  In life, if we bared our soul and dug deeper, how much more could we be??


9.5 miles later and seriously exhausted, the only thing I was contemplating was food consumption, a shower and a fire roaring in the fireplace.  That’s exactly how it went down.  Dinner with Chris, a long, hot shower and a lovely fire burning.  We cuddled on the couch and watched a show we had recorded until – as per my usual – I fell asleep.  I do keep in mind, however, that there’s more inside me that I have yet to release.  That I can dig deeper, I can be more.  Sometimes, you just need a little push.

Me, my shower head and my roaring fire!!!

Me, my shower head and my roaring fire!!!

Race Outfit Ideas….

Ideas for running costumes.  We’ve had a lot of them.  I like loose fitting tank tops the best, then t-shirts paired with my black basics.  Target and Walmart have shirts for every holiday, add matching socks (Scheels has the biggest selection I’ve found so far) and you’re good to go!!  Add Halloween items – hair clips, headbands, wings, etc… for an outfit that’s lightweight, not cumbersome to wear and festive!!!  Have fun with it!!

To Run Or Not To Run???

What a silly question!! Run, of course. Unless it’s 25* out with winds of over 27 mph…. I was planning on making this mornings short, slow run another training run with Kalley. I was excited about it. Then the wind woke me up this morning half an hour before my alarm was scheduled to go off.  I woke up disoriented, curled up in a ball for too long and cramping with my right sinus blocked….

Wake up!!!  I was not smiling when I heard the wind this morning....

Wake up!!! I was not smiling when I heard the wind this morning….  Geez, I’m looking not so sexy…..  Sure, we’re all really pretty until you see what we look like when we wake up!!!!

I always, always vacillate when it comes to weather.  I know for the most part, once I get out there I’ll be glad I went.  Really there are very few times I thought, “Well that was dumb!!” because it feels so great to just get out.  Every winter, however, there are a few missed runs due to weather and this morning was one of them.  It was only a 3 mile run at HR zone #2.  Not that those aren’t important, but if I miss it it’s easy to make it up.  The 14 milers, not so easy.

I used my time to do a strength workout in my living room.  Back, resistance bands, triceps, planks and squats.  Kalley was a really big helper…..  I finally fed her to keep her occupied so I could finish.  Strength training is not cuddle time.  I guess the point is – do something.  I elected not to brave the wind this morning – definitely not with a puppy, but also not on my own.  It’s never fun to switch gears – sometimes it’s a total bummer – but instead of giving in to the funk, do something!!  I don’t own a treadmill, didn’t end up riding the stationary bike but did get a workout in….  I know tonight when I meet my team, I’ll be there regardless of how awful the wind is so this morning it was no big deal to do something else.

You don't even have to look good to work out in your living room!!  Just get something done!!

You don’t even have to look good to work out in your living room!! Just get something done!!