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I’m In Love…..

With this writer. There has never been a blog post I did not like. She’s also a blogger for Oiselle – one of my favorite companies. Best shorts ever.  Read her. She’s amazing.

The “F” Word

Fartlek. Yes, I said it out loud. Hearing the words Indian Fartlek strikes fear into the hearts of most runners and those are precisely the words that my coach spoke last night.  On hills no less.  It was 58* out which you’d think was perfect however it was overcast and raining with 20 mph winds. My hands were freezing, it was one of the most exhausting workouts I can remember doing and I was the first to drop out.  When I dropped, our steady pace UP HILLS was a 7:45 minute mile.  I wanted to hang longer, but once I dropped  back, my teammates started dropping one by one for the next .2 miles so I didn’t do too badly.  I would have only gotten another 2 sprints more than I did.  At the end of the loop, coach waited and told us at the next road sign to all out sprint to the end.  So I did.  I was already running in the 7’s and my Garmin said for that short burst I ran a 5 minute mile.  Holy.  Crap.

You know those training runs where you’re so spent you aren’t sure when you’ll be able to move again and you vacillate between wanting to throw up and not wanting to throw up??  That was last night.  It was euphorically difficult.  You say, “There’s no way I can do that – holy cow I just did that!!”.  That, my friends, is a good work out!

Me ready to go.  That's why I'm smiling!!!  BodyRock Sport Love For All Capris

Me ready to go. That’s why I’m smiling!!! BodyRock Sport Love For All Capris

Frank helping me show off my "fun running pants"

Frank helping me show off my “fun running pants”

Mermaid Pose

Swimming kicks my butt. Coach has been working on my stroke which is fantastic and I spent time watching my teammates so what he was saying had a visual impact. My lower body is doing what it’s supposed to and my breathing is better.  I’m trying to get my head down further in the water.  It’s a work in progress for sure but I love how blissfully exhausted swimming makes you feel.  Limp noodle.  It helps work out all the kinks from running as well.  I was a little wimpy today because of this ridiculous lingering cold, but swim day always challenges me.

Coach called this my Mermaid Pose....  It was exhausting....

Coach called this my Mermaid Pose…. It was exhausting….

Screw Sick….. Go Running!!

I’m over the cold for the most part. 2 days of fever, 5 days of miserable, the last couple days just the lingering residual tendrils that wear you out.  Last night, it was team time!!!  We did mile repeats.  Moderate the coach said.  I didn’t have my Garmin so I ran with Jason and he kept track.  He does a better job than I do anyway so I think he should just accept it as his duty and I can just run.  Seriously.  It’s a very hilly, very difficult run.  Not the hardest we do, but very tough.  When coach says to meet at the Rattler, we all cringe.  Jason and I crushed it.  I was actually impressed with the times we pulled.  Training is hard.  Running is hard.  I love it!  9.3 miles total.  6 miles of repeats:  8:47, 7:20; 7:45; 8:40; 8:25; 7:17.  Can you tell which ones we were going up on????

On way to my team run.

On way to my team run.  I’m just being honest about how I was feeling….

Post run.  Yeah baby!!

Post run. Yeah baby!!