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Just Keep Swimming

It’s true. I started back up at swim.  I remember (from a long few months ago….) that I always felt great afterwards.  Like I really worked my entire body but without any pounding.  I remember that I was always voraciously ravenous after swimming.  I also remember that I’ve never gotten my breathing right, my stroke, my legs, my head under enough, etc…  Basically, in a structured atmosphere and competitively, I suck.  The great thing about doing something you’re not good at is the tremendous room for improvement.

Since my beloved teammate and friend Olivia signed me up for Iron Girl in October.  Since I’m biking and already run.  Since I need to get my game face on…….  I got back in the pool.  Not with the previous attitude of cross training, but with a more serious attitude of “Holy crap, I’d better figure this out!”.  Then my friend, teammate and boss – Scott – elected himself to be my newly appointed swim coach.  I feel honored because Scott is a phenomenal swimmer as well as teacher.  He also makes a Marine drill sergeant look meek.  2 times in the pool makes me wonder what in the world I’ve gotten myself in to.  Here’s what I know:  I’ll finish the race.  I’ve done the distance so even if I have to backstroke the entire thing (which I am not ruling out!) I will get it done.  Swimming is my weakest link.

This is how scary 5:00 am looks on my way to the pool

This is how scary 5:00 am looks on my way to the pool

Oh yes....  Rock the swim wear...

Oh yes…. Rock the swim wear…

I got my hair cut finally.  Like 3-4 inches off.  So at least I'll be more streamlined under my swim cap

I got my hair cut finally. Like 3-4 inches off. So at least I’ll be more streamlined under my swim cap

The Following Message…..

I’m moving. It’s everything I remembered it was and more!! Although moving isn’t necessarily a negative, it’s still a change. It will take a couple weeks total, but even after only 3 days of bringing loads back and forth I can attest to the fact that I’m not entirely certain which house my things are at. I’m camping out (not as much fun as my kids make it out to be!) and had to scrounge a pillow last night.  When bringing loads back and forth I realized that putting items in that fit instead of having a plan of action might not have been the best decision.  I have no light in the bedroom, workout clothes but no shoes, dress shoes but not all of my clothes, running socks (not the best match for dress shoes FYI), no bras or underwear, no shampoo but conditioner, a washing machine without soap, etc….  Can you say adventure???  Sure, I’m only moving about 7 miles away, however my helpers for today didn’t show (who doesn’t like to help move??!!) so I wasn’t able to get as much done hence things all over the place…..  Now for 6 days of work doing loads at night and (hopefully) being mostly moved by the weekend.

In other news….  My computers letter “O” wasn’t working but I rigged it up just in time for the space bar not to respond unless I used brute force which isn’t a big deal since the charger stopped working…..  That’s no longer an issue since I won’t have internet at the new house for a couple weeks, right???????  Except that I can use the internet at the salon and catch up on the computer.  If only my charger would work….  Ah, the blessings of technology!!  At any rate, I don’t have access to pictures right now and internet use is dependent on hacking into my sons using my sons computer.  So with all my huffing and puffing on Sunday night, be patient.

INDEED!!!  Journey on, my friends!!

INDEED!!! Journey on, my friends!!


One of my friends, Scott, actually invited my entire family to a party. Barbeque, pool, crazy party. My son Taylor asked if Scott knew how big our family is…. Yes. We’re invited anyway. The twelve of us that showed up were actually all invited.  Usually the parties happen at my house since I already cook for a dozen people on a daily basis so I’m pretty accustomed to the masses.  So we went.  We had a blast and made up half the number of people who attended.  I’ve decided I like going to someone else’s house, letting them cook and clean and kicking back enjoying myself!!!

Being A Virgin Is A Pain

Me pre ride.  Feeling scared.....

Me pre-ride. Feeling scared…..

HAHAHAHA!!!!  Virgin. Seriously.

I went for a bike ride.  I hadn’t been on a bike in ten years.  I also hadn’t been without carting kids and I had never ridden on the road – always a bike path.  I was scared.  My teammate Pete (being his usual hilarious self) told me it was “just like riding a bike”.  Hilarious.  Then Olivia said the same thing.  OK.  They were killing me.

I was worried about clipping – or unclipping – my shoes out of the pedals, I was concerned I’d be the weakest link, I wasn’t sure I could make it……  Fortunately I was with 5 amazing athletes who have all been beginners before.  It was a flat, slow course and relatively low mileage for them.  So a great day to jump in!!  I was up at 5 am, left the house at 5:30 and hopped on the bike at 6.  Lovely!!

My bike shorts and shoes

My bike shorts and shoes

The bike.....

The bike…..

We were supposed to ride 16 miles.  At mile 7 Sam updated me and I started to relax.  I realized I had already made it that far without too much of an issue so I should chill out.  My body was hurting in places I hadn’t been aware of in a very long time.  My hands were cramped, my elbows ached and my neck was angry.  Relaxing helped and now it’s a matter of being consistent and letting those muscles get used to riding.  We ended up riding 17.4 miles but I felt really good. I told my butt that the next day when I realized I was saddle sore.  “It felt good, you’ll be fine, toughen up”.

We jumped off the bikes, changed shoes, peed and took off running.  I’ve experienced this before – “sea legs” where you’re going through the motions of running but your legs are still on the bike.  Weird.  I had heard we were doing 3 miles, but Olivia informed me we were doing 4…..  I see how this is working…  Tell me one thing, loop me in and then pad the numbers….  The run felt good except for the end.  We stopped so one of the runners could stretch.  Starting back up my muscles rebelled.  Everything was tight.  I only had half a mile left though and I had to get back to my car so I pushed through and felt better.


DONE!!!!  No matter what exercise I do, the end is euphoric!!

Partners in crime!! Pete and Olivia (Not to mention Sam, Andrea and Abby) helped me get through my first time

Partners in crime!! Me with Pete and Olivia – not to mention Sam, Andrea and Abby – helped me get through my first time

When we finished, Olivia – the eternal upbeat optimist – told me the Iron Girl Las Vegas was only 13 miles of bike and 3 miles of running and since I had just done MORE than that, I should just do it.  So I hesitantly committed.  I recall thinking it would be fun to go watch and have a girls weekend, not actually DO the race, etc…. She said if I go and I’m not racing I’ll kick myself….  It’s hazy how this conversation went.  On my way home Olivia texted me to tell me she signed me up.  So I’m racing Iron Girl in October.  Cherry popped!

I Want To Be A Kid

Seriously. This is such epic fun!!

Trampoline camping!!!

Trampoline camping!!!

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