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Where There’s Smoke….

Reno has been blanketed in smoke for the last couple of weeks.  The Rim fire is burning with no sign of being able to be put out.  Unless the jet stream changes direction, we’ll continue to be a hazy, unhealthy mess.  It’s been said that the fire – due to it’s remote location – can’t be put out and will probably still be smoldering when snow flies. It’s also been said that Reno will have smoke up to a month after it’s out.  So I’m doing the math……  That’s a long time without being able to go outside and run. The truth is, though, that we’re only dealing with smoke.  Others are dealing with the actual fire.

Arial photo of the smoke and fire.  Just wow.....

Arial photo of the smoke and fire. Just wow…..

The smoke doesn’t bother me like it does other people.  Having said that, I won’t run outside in it when it’s hazardous.  I’ve been studying the numbers to determine what numbers it has to be at for me to run.  The second it drops into a safe zone, I’m gone. Tell my boss…. I might wear running gear under my work clothes.  I need some velcro clothes so I can pull a SuperWoman move and just rip them off and go!!

The levels have been over 200 quite a bit

The levels have been over 200 quite a bit

100 is the number.  Maybe a little higher.  I know, I know….  It’s still not a good idea.  Neither is not running.  Lots of teammates have traveled a couple hours to a town that’s not so smoky.  Some are running indoors on the dreadmill.

Some of my teammates hitting the gym

Some of my teammates hitting the gym

I’m breaking down….  I need a fix….  I can do an hour on the belt, right??  It’s not so bad.  I’ve wanted one at home so I can get in extra running and mileage while still hanging with the kids….  Yes, I can do this!!

What’s The Plan????

Runners are sometimes obsessive. My team has a calendar, my teammates each have their own calendars. A couple of them shared their calendars with me recently and my boss (and teammate) even printed a blank one for the year so I could have a separate race calendar.  I honesty believed the calendar I use to book clients, write down appointments, holidays, birthdays, etc… was good enough.  Silly me.  I already know I don’t have the same intense drive that most of my teammates have.  I’m organized, I push myself and I really enjoy the atmosphere of an event but I’m behind in my compulsion comparatively speaking.  Looking at my friends calendars I took a moment to pause wondering if I’m a slacker.  Nope.  Just different.  My finances dictate how many races, the location, whether or not the kids can come.

And they're OFF!!!

And they’re OFF!!!  Keeping things local keeps cost down.

I used to want to do every race in a 2 hour radius of my house.  Now, I really look at the races and determine my entry based on where, how much and if it’s a good match for me.  I’ve gotten picky.  Not because I’m a running snob but because I’ve given away bags of race t-shirts I don’t wear and I’ve decided it’s quality over quantity.

Since the half marathon is my favorite distance, I almost never do a 5K.  Over the course of a year, it’s a lot of money for not much run.  I’d rather volunteer for those races and be in the environment from that perspective.  Anything under six miles I generally just run on my own.  This is strictly about more bang for my buck.  Also, my kids run this distance and it’s nice when they get to be the center of the running attention. I do maybe one 10K a year.  I like this distance.  It’s enough mileage that I enjoy running it in a group.  If there were more of them, I’d jump on the bandwagon.

When I make my race calendar, I first add the races that are my “A” races.  The ones I really, really want to do.  This year it was Running With The Bears and my first triathlon in Vegas – the Irongirl.  This is where I wanted my time and money to count and both involved some amount of travel.  I also do my coach’s series.  It’s a series of 3 and I can choose the 5K, 10K or half marathon.  They’re spread out, local and fun since I know most everyone.  The kids volunteer and run an aid station for at least one of these every year. (this year so far they’ve run two aid stations which I love, love, love!!!).  Five races in a year just from my top two and my coach.  Already that’s a great race schedule.

After that, races come up and I decide on a per time basis.  Family and finances are the first two considerations as well as training and interference with my A list races. I’ve bowed out of a few this year and others are on my waiting list.

On the remainder of this years docket is my coaches race – Reno 5000 #3 in the series Sept 8.  I did the half marathon, the 10K and now the half marathon again.  September 28th I revisit Taylorsville for a weekend with the girls and a 12 mile race.  Irongirl is at the end of October.

Big news on the training front is my entry into the Napa Marathon in March.  In the past I trained for two marathons and ended up not running either.  I marathon trained with my team last winter up to 17 miles.  The great thing about this race is that most of my team will be going.  The training is so much easier among friends especially in the cold.  Misery loves company!!  Already that’s an A list race for me in 2014 as well as Running with the Bears in August. See guys……  I’m compulsive too!!!

Where’s My Car????

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve bonked but realized I had no choice…..  I have to get back to my car!!



With ten of us in the house a lot of laundry gets washed. Moving created a lot more laundry because I washed all the sheets, blankets, curtains, etc… THIS is what my normal laundry day looks like:

A ton of workout clothes and a couple dressy items from work

A ton of workout clothes and a couple dressy items from work plus a bathing suit or two…..  I can rate my fitness productivity by my laundry that’s hanging


Running With The Bears has a Luau the night of the race. Racers can finish as slowly as they want, but can also qualify for Boston. The Start/Finish Line closes up approximately 7 hours after the race starts, when the last person is in. Then the staff cleans up the race and sets up the Luau.

Thank you Kevin for your home, your pigs for the Luau

Thank you Kevin for your home, your pigs for the Luau

Kevin, owner of the house and property the race start/finish is at, as well as the luau raises pigs.   He slaughters two for the luau.  I chatted with Kevin for a little while.  He and his wife wanted to open their house to others and this has been one of their endeavors.  The pigs are about 400 pounds each and delicious.

The spit area

The spit area

Kevin and a pig ready to go in the slow cooker

Kevin and a pig ready to go in the slow cooker

I was the guest speaker for the event.  An honor.  A privilege.  Hopefully someone did a video because it was fairly short.  With 12 years of foster/adoption under my belt it was my job to make it personal.  There are statistics, there are pictures of kids without families, there are the people behind the scenes who work to find forever homes for these kids.  It was my plan to show the “after”.  My number of children tends to change.  Right now it’s 11, but 10 “permanent” and my number has been up to 13.  There have been kids who have passed through and touched my life, but these are the ones I kept or the ones I carried in my body.  I did a little talking, then called the kids up with me.  I almost never tell which ones are adopted and which are biological and this was no exception.  They are all mine.  I am blessed.