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Balancing Family, Work, Training and Life – Communication

The only constant in my life is change.  Some big, some small but all things impact balance.

There is always so much in life we juggle

There is always so much in life we juggle

Here’s the breakdown:



Can phones

Communication.  One of the most important aspects of everything we do.  We communicate with how we dress, how we present ourselves, our body language, our voice intonation.  Communication has changed dramatically over the years of my lifetime with the advent of the internet.  We can email, Facebook, Skype, Facetime, text, talk to Siri, use the phone.  We can communicate silently with no contact and without knowing the person we’re addressing.  It’s a changed world.  Ironically, I think with the multitude of ways to communicate, we are actually worse at it.


We’ve come a long way, baby.  I think email is great to forward information or if I have to type a lot.  I adore text because it’s short and sweet and gets the point across.   It’s easy to get information quickly (especially to the kids).  Facebook is great for long distance relationships and people I don’t see often because I can keep track of what’s going on. With these forms of communication I can be in touch but it doesn’t have to be addressed that second.  Skype and Facetime are like a phone call on steroids.  Talking and seeing a person is the next best thing to having a lunch date or coffee.  In an article I read recently polling men it stated that they are much more comfortable knowing what women want.  To just TELL them please.


Still it seems with all this modern technology, we don’t communicate as well or as often as we could.  Here’s an article from Forbes that was a great read.

Here are some bullets that I strive for in communication:

  • Be personal
  • Be specific
  • Be open
  • Be quiet
  • Be educated

And words to live by:

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

The floor is yours…..


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