Drivers Edge

Driver’s Edge is a free half-day program for drivers ages 21 and younger (with a valid license or permit) that teaches real life emergency avoidance and response techniques and overall driver safety. Taught by true driving professionals through a unique combination of behind the wheel and classroom experiences, Edge was specifically developed to address the unacceptably high number of youth related automobile collisions and fatalities that occur each year.. . .
And It’s Free!

Jeff and Me

Driver’s Edge is a non-profit organization and public charity dedicated to one simple thing – teaching young drivers what’s not being taught in traditional driver’s education.  Our sole mission is to help save lives with our unique and innovative behind the wheel program.”

The gang giving us information

The gang giving us information

My daughter, Alana, participated in a Drivers Edge course.  This was my 4th time attending with one of my kids and it’s an incredibly worth while way to spend the day.  It starts out with a quick test for the teenagers and video footage of an accident involving teenagers that happened on a normal day, doing normal things.  It illustrates what can happen in the blink of an eye and it’s devastating.

Alana waiting

From there, we visited 4 stations.  Two informational, two hands on.  The first hands on for us was for turning on a wet surface.  Water trucks were on the course spraying, while the kids each got a turn driving the vehicle in a higher speed E-brake turn.  Allowing teenagers to actually experience the movement of the vehicle, their reaction time, how the vehicle handles and what to do is priceless.





Next up we went to the car care module.  Every time I listen to Mike Moser’s dry wit and banter while educating, I learn something new.  I love this module.  Sure, it’s not sexy like doing an E-brake turn on a wet surface, but this is the module where you learn how to be safe in your seat and how to take care of the vehicle.

Rich was my driving partner and awesome stunt man.  Pretty nice guy too

Rich was my driving partner and awesome stunt man. Pretty nice guy too

Then we did another hands on module.  Kids in the vehicle doing an emergency stop using ABS and a turn simulating something unexpected in the road.  This year, I actually got into a car!!!  The boys didn’t hesitate to brake hard and turn and they also went over some pointers with me.  Even after almost 30 years of driving (and maybe especially after 30 years of driving) I can always learn.


Last but certainly not least was the module with police officers.  First of all, I hope I never get pulled over.  However, if I do, I really hope it’s one of these guys.  Funny, crazy, informative.  There is just so much information to try to get to these kids learning how to drive.  They did an amazing job talking about accidents, speeding, seatbelts, alcohol and drugs.  They were amazing just like every other year.

Our local UPS guy who goes over semi truck safety

Our local UPS guy who goes over semi truck safety

Drivers Edge is free.  It’s only the time to sign up, get on the mailing list and show up.  It’s a day that’s worth shifting things in your schedule so kids can have this experience.  They are able to go every year until they’re 21 and every year I sign up as many as I can.  This year 3 of the kids went on different days and times.  I can’t say thank you enough for the volunteers, the time and effort, the local community for putting this on.

Alana test

The day ends with a follow up test to show the kids and the team how much these kids learn in just 1/2 a day.  Some thank you’s to the sponsors, encouragement and additional tips.  Then the kids get a certification and a hat and we’re sent out on the road.  Find them on the WEB and on FACEBOOK.

Alana cert


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