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Downsizing With Kids

Moving sucks. Going through everything you own, cleaning it – because moving makes you realize that your house is not clean – packing it, hauling it, opening it, reorganizing it, then going back to the old house and cleaning that….  We wanted to move for months but the process is so daunting, we stayed where we were uncomfortably living.  In our journey, we were minimizing already and being forced to move got us to do what we wanted to do but were dragging our feet on.  Even in our excitement to be moving on, it isn’t fun. Continue reading

Balancing and Simplifying

I follow 11 blogs. 5 minimizing, 4 running, two from friends that are local and write about Reno. I used to follow probably close to 30 blogs and it weighed me down. Now I’m very picky with the ones I read. It still seems like a large number, but three of them post quarterly and a few post weekly so I never feel inundated.  I’m reading things that I enjoy both in the blog world and books.  I simplified what I was taking in via media to pare it down to the things I liked and wanted.   Continue reading

Less Stress, More Balance

There are so many ways to attack this topic and no one “right” way.  To reduce stress and achieve more balance, I recommend some kind of journal.  Pictures on your phone, a list, a phone “note”, but something to document your journey.  Date the journal entries to see your progress.  It’s difficult to really see your progress without documenting it.  I took pictures and they show progress perfectly.  Here are some ideas on getting started: Continue reading

Running Gear Reviews

One of my favorite things to read about are reviews by actual runners.  Women preferably since I’m a woman.  I want to base my purchases off of what people like using and why – so I can make educated choices.  I’ve made countless (and I’m not exaggerating here – countless) purchases based on what other people liked.  I’ve also done my own research due to a situation (trail running, training after injury, needing to carry an inhaler, etc….).  Reading reviews turned into writing them. Continue reading

Date Night


Date night matters

Date night.  It’s one of those “you’d-better-be-in-the-hospital-or-something-has-to-be-wrong” if it doesn’t happen.  This could be a “finding balance”, “priorities”, “teaching your kids the importance of relationships” blog. Continue reading