Monthly Archives: August 2015

Inspiration In A DNF

DNF.  Those horrid little letters that mean SO much to a runner.  Did Not Finish.  It’s one thing us runners try desperately to avoid.  The finish, after all, is where we want to be.  Why, though, can’t we embrace the DNF?  Why does it have to be such a bad thing? Continue reading

Bad Hair Days

We’ve all had them. (“What?” you may ask, “First world problems?”  Yes.  That is what I mean)  Bad hair days. They aren’t fun.  Almost two years ago (in October), my daughter Kezia wanted a short, spunky haircut.  She convinced me to get super crazy and go short myself.  I doubt I’ll ever do it again, but it was an interesting experiment.  Since I’m licensed as a hairdresser, I know people put a lot of their identity into their hair, with good reason.  The public makes comments and those can be difficult to ignore.  Prior to “the cut”, I asked many people what they thought of the idea of going short.  My hair was down to the middle of my back.  Overwhelmingly, people thought it was ballsy, a good idea and share my attitude – it’s just hair, it’ll grow back.  I was most interested in what male friends thought.  They all said to go for it.  Since I think you should go big or go home, I went big. Continue reading

5 Things Challenge

I’m challenging myself to work on 5 things. These have to be things that I’m struggling getting accomplished, or are important to me.  Life tends to get in the way and we all seem to unintentionally get sidetracked.   I don’t always spend my time doing what I want.  Sometimes I spend it doing things I need to do (like working and sleeping), or time that’s not productive (like too much social media).  With time being finite, it’s important to me to spend it on what’s important. Continue reading

Consumerism vs Minimalism

After taking about 6 months off of purchasing clothes or shoes, I finally decided to streamline my wardrobe. Dialing it back so much and really living in what I owned defined my style.  What I liked was different than what I thought which was interesting.  I’ve enjoyed wearing wrap style shirts and dresses in the past which are all gone now.  My shirts tended to be  fitted and now they’re a little more breathable.  I realized how much I like to layer a tank top, short sleeve shirt and (in cooler weather) a jacket or sweater.   Continue reading

Running and Minimalism

How, you may ask, does minimalism correlate with running.  Minimalism is difficult for me to articulate sometimes, I feel inadequate trying to quantify the results.  Minimizing your life isn’t just about getting rid of crap and having less clutter.  It spills over into every aspect of your life.  Minimizing puts your priorities into perspective.  It takes away the things that are unimportant and leaves behind what is important. Continue reading