Monthly Archives: September 2015

Training For A Half Marathon

I decided in July to run a half marathon.  I talked with my friend, Shauna about a good one and she reminded me of Bizz Johnson in October.  It’s located 2 hours from where I live, is a net down, on beautiful trails and it’s one that’s in my neighborhood that I’ve never run before.  Perfect!!!   Continue reading

Stuff Minimalism Has Taught Me

I’ve learned a lot from embracing minimalism.  More than I ever imagined.  What began as getting rid of clutter in the house and things we weren’t using in the garage became something totally different.  I did a search one time about downsizing life and belongings based on something Chris said to me.  From the first conversation with him forward, we changed our entire lifestyle.  Sometimes something so unexpected creates such an amazing result.  That internet search sent me on a journey to know what minimizing really was, how it worked and how it could potentially change our lives for the better. Continue reading

Fashion And Minimalism

Oxymoron?? Not at all. Actually, quite the opposite.  When I had 3 dressers, two large closets stuffed to the brim and nearly 200 shoes, I felt like I had nothing to wear and no clue how to put it together.  I was overwhelmed.  Once I unloaded bag after bag after box and whittled my closet down to things I love wearing and that fit well, I have more options.  Maybe that was because I was so overwhelmed that I could hardly look in the closet without wanting to pull my hair out?  Or I’m not adept at putting clothes together?  I know part of it was having things that didn’t fit well or I didn’t like, but not getting rid of them and then buying more items that didn’t fit well or I didn’t like.  I admit I was afraid of minimizing my closet. Continue reading

Being A Barely Adequate Parent (Or How To Screw Up Your Kids Without Even Trying)

I am a parent. To a lot of kids. Crazy, insane, what were you thinking, are you an idiot amount of kids. 13 to be precise. Biological, step, adopted. You name it, I’ve got them. It’s the most dysfunctional, motley group of people who seemingly came from everywhere and formed a lopsided, lumpy group and called ourselves a family. Some people collect thimbles, I collected my family. Continue reading

Replacing Christmas

Last year at about this time, our kids approached us and asked if we could replace Christmas.  They asked for a family trip and no presents.  NO PRESENTS!!!!  When most of your kids are teenagers, and they’d rather spend time with you than money on them, you take stock.  Continue reading