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Capsule Wardrobe My Way

It’s been almost one year since minimizing and I have yet to embrace a traditional minimalist capsule wardrobe. The packing everything up except a certain number of items hasn’t worked for me and I’m OK with that. I like having all my clothes out and available and it’s actually kept me more accountable and helped me streamline. Could I live with less? Of course. If I got rid of half of what I have would life be honky dory? Yup. But I found a comfort zone and that’s where I’ll stay for now. My closet is still shrinking slowly, but it’s not the shrinking that’s interesting to me this past year, it’s the morphing. Continue reading

My Pinterest Has ADD

I did it again. I went on Pinterest. I loooooove visiting, but I only go on sparingly because I know I’ll be sucked in. Not in a bad habit way, I learn great things, read articles, find information. It’s awesome. But still, I know an hour (or more) can go by in a blink so I am cautious. This is what I noticed today. Pinterest is in my head. On my feed I see “get a tighter butt”, “habits of elite runners”, “how to stay fit in your 40’s” and right next to those are “artichoke spinach dip that will blow your mind”, “cheesy garlic bread”, “sinful mac and cheese”. How will I keep that great butt if I’m dipping chips in the artichoke dip? In another category that I love, I read “minimize your closet”, “tiny house ideas”, “12 things you own too many of” and right next to that I read, “closet must haves”, “you can never own too many sweaters”, “dream home closet”. So my Pinterest has ADD.  Or I do. Continue reading

My Wardrobe Update – Ordering Online

My order arrived from Betabrand!!!  If you haven’t looked at their website, take a peek.  I really super duper like a couple things about them.  First – Customer service is off the charts amazing.  Seriously I had one question and now I probably know some of the staff better than any of us imagined was possible.  They are professional and they’ll work their butts off to help you out.  I was looking for something out of stock and they’re keeping me posted on it which is awesome.
Second – the clothing quality is fantastic.  If I’m going to spend money on clothes (outside of a thrift shop where I usually go) I want to rest assured it will last a long time.  It’s not just how their stuff is made, it’s the fit.  One of the places I can get things in a size 4 with a 34″ inseam and the overall fit is always amazing.   Continue reading

Love The Life You Own – Paring Down

Those moments when we were minimizing and I was in tears for every reason and no reason at all and I wanted to burn the house down? Yes, I remember those moments. Where every decision about something I owned became emotionally charged and sentimental? And every time I let go I felt as though I was disappointing someone? Yes, those moments I remember as well. The moments when I was completely lost and I couldn’t put it into words and Chris hugged me and told me it was OK to wait? The moments I dragged entire an housefull worth of stuff onto our driveway for pick up by the second hand store and had to drive away and not look back for fear I’d put it all back in the garage? I recall those moments as well.  I did a two week garage sale, listed multiple items on Craigslist, had goodwill pick up an entire U Haul truckload 5 times and at the very end, twice filled the driveway and listed it for free pickup.  By then I was desensitized from giving so much away that it was amusing watching as the vultures came. Continue reading

More Stuff Minimalism Has Taught Me

I recently wrote about Stuff Minimalism Has Taught Me.  It’s helpful and cathartic to review and analyze what works, why and how.  In that post, these were the bullet points: Continue reading