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Gearing Up For Cooler Weather

I’ll admit it – there’s a chill in the air.  Tuesday morning’s 5:20 am run was the chilliest at about 40* and it’s definitely time to make some changes.  Runners are picky.  I don’t like anything on my waist, I can’t stand to hold things, the hydration pack is awkward, I need music to run, I don’t like anything bouncing in my pockets, etc…..  But it’s true that when things rub you the wrong way (literally and figuratively), it can throw off your run.  It can also make you uncomfortable.  I’d like everything to velcro to me wherever I put it.  Not bounce, not move, nothing in pockets, nothing on my waist or in my hands.  Until that happens, we do what we can.  I do like the velcro idea though…… Continue reading

Running Gear Reviews

One of my favorite things to read about are reviews by actual runners.  Women preferably since I’m a woman.  I want to base my purchases off of what people like using and why – so I can make educated choices.  I’ve made countless (and I’m not exaggerating here – countless) purchases based on what other people liked.  I’ve also done my own research due to a situation (trail running, training after injury, needing to carry an inhaler, etc….).  Reading reviews turned into writing them. Continue reading

Fitness Apps – Review

At work, I have a desk job. Well, not entirely. I’m out and about in the community quite a bit talking with people, but also at my desk quite a bit. Getting in exercise during my work day (and even weekends) can sometimes seem daunting. Continue reading

Review – Balancing Life

I have been asked to write on balance more than any other subject.  I find that interesting.  It is supposed that because I work, run, throw in a couple triathlons, have 13 kids and a dog, that I am somehow an expert on finding balance.  I am not.   Continue reading

Feeling Younique

I have several passions than all cross over in one way or another. Continue reading