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Running Gear Reviews

One of my favorite things to read about are reviews by actual runners.  Women preferably since I’m a woman.  I want to base my purchases off of what people like using and why – so I can make educated choices.  I’ve made countless (and I’m not exaggerating here – countless) purchases based on what other people liked.  I’ve also done my own research due to a situation (trail running, training after injury, needing to carry an inhaler, etc….).  Reading reviews turned into writing them. Continue reading

Fitness Apps – Review

At work, I have a desk job. Well, not entirely. I’m out and about in the community quite a bit talking with people, but also at my desk quite a bit. Getting in exercise during my work day (and even weekends) can sometimes seem daunting. Continue reading

Review – Balancing Life

I have been asked to write on balance more than any other subject.  I find that interesting.  It is supposed that because I work, run, throw in a couple triathlons, have 13 kids and a dog, that I am somehow an expert on finding balance.  I am not.   Continue reading

Feeling Younique

I have several passions than all cross over in one way or another. Continue reading

Bolder Band Headband Review

I’ve been reading a lot about Bolder Band’s lately.  Every time something gets a lot of attention I wonder.  Is it a great product or great marketing???  Continue reading