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Women Are Amazing

A friend recently posted the below on Facebook. It’s so true. Not that men aren’t equally amazing. They are. I’ve never understood a couple of things. One: Why don’t women embrace being women. That means we aren’t men, probably shouldn’t be treated like them, are unique and how amazing is that? Two: Why don’t we support each other more? We’re all women, we all go through a list of the same issues, we’re all struggling in similar ways. Geez, band together and raise each other up. Continue reading

Cold Weather Running

It’s cold here in Reno. But not always. Within a week I ran in weather that was in the 50’s, the 30’s, the 20’s and the teens – not in that order. There was wind up to 20 mph that I ran in and once it rained.  I opted out on the day it was raining and 30 mph winds, but otherwise, I’m game.  The problem I have is figuring out what to wear.  Not in a “geez, my shoes should really match my belt” sort of way, but in a how many layers this time?????  If weather is consistent, it’s easy but when it’s jumping around all the time I have layering ADD.   Continue reading

Race Recap

I did a race recap a couple months ago.  I highlighted three races I ran this Spring.  Then another post on a 5K I ran.  Here’s the next recap for three other races that I ran this summer.  Good times!!! Continue reading

A Few Of My Favorite Running Things

I’ve done gear reviews for almost a decade – even though the blog is only going on 4 years old. When we minimized and moved, I really had to evaluate the stuff I had accumulated – often because I was doing a review.  I pared running gear down to only what I really used on a very regular basis.   Continue reading

Finding Balance with Sleep

I write about balance quite a bit.  It’s not because I’m some expert on how to balance my life.  Being asked to write on the subject has helped me become better, though and writing helps me to process how to continue that trend. Continue reading