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Well, Hello There Darlings

Its been a while. Mostly because I’ve been overhauling the site with a little help from my friend Brandon of BDG WebDesign. It shouldn’t look much different to anyone, but everything behind the scenes is new and improved and it took some time to get it done. Thanks to Brandon for doing the stuff I don’t get and for years of tolerating my questions. OK, he “pets” my hair when I’m really not getting things, so it’s an even deal. I downloaded pictures from my phone to give a sneak peek at what’s been going on since we last chatted…… Continue reading

Winter Running

It’s cold. Sure, not as cold as Alaska when I lived there, but still cold. It snows too. Not always as much as this year and not as much as other places, but we get it. This year quite a bit of it, relatively speaking. Ice. It’s everywhere. I’ve only gone running in temps as low as 13* this year. I’ve also bypassed running when the roads have been excessively crappy which seems like a lot. I used to run no matter what, but then I broke my foot. That taught me to be more of a fair weather runner – or at least less stupid about running. Winter running isn’t just about the clothing you wear – although that makes it manageable – it’s about being safe and following rules differently. Continue reading

Winter Running or Holy Crap It’s Cold Outside!

Reno is the only place I’ve lived where I can go running in shorts and a T-shirt in nearly 60* weather on a Sunday, and Tuesday have to figure out what to wear in 23* with ice and snow.  We tend not to ease into winter – it just wakes up one day and bludgeons us.  Our temperatures do fluctuate during the day so if morning running is too chilly, you can go at 3 in the afternoon and add 20*.  As the expression goes – if you don’t like Reno weather, wait 5 minutes. Continue reading

Run For Education 2015

We came, we ran, we had a blast!!  There were about 3500 runners this year and due to that I think some changes will need to be made at the start/finish for subsequent years.  People were everywhere and no one had any clue what was going on.  The race itself was fantastic, though, so that’s dialed in. Continue reading

Love The Life You Own – Paring Down

Those moments when we were minimizing and I was in tears for every reason and no reason at all and I wanted to burn the house down? Yes, I remember those moments. Where every decision about something I owned became emotionally charged and sentimental? And every time I let go I felt as though I was disappointing someone? Yes, those moments I remember as well. The moments when I was completely lost and I couldn’t put it into words and Chris hugged me and told me it was OK to wait? The moments I dragged entire an housefull worth of stuff onto our driveway for pick up by the second hand store and had to drive away and not look back for fear I’d put it all back in the garage? I recall those moments as well.  I did a two week garage sale, listed multiple items on Craigslist, had goodwill pick up an entire U Haul truckload 5 times and at the very end, twice filled the driveway and listed it for free pickup.  By then I was desensitized from giving so much away that it was amusing watching as the vultures came. Continue reading