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Winter Running

It’s cold. Sure, not as cold as Alaska when I lived there, but still cold. It snows too. Not always as much as this year and not as much as other places, but we get it. This year quite a bit of it, relatively speaking. Ice. It’s everywhere. I’ve only gone running in temps as low as 13* this year. I’ve also bypassed running when the roads have been excessively crappy which seems like a lot. I used to run no matter what, but then I broke my foot. That taught me to be more of a fair weather runner – or at least less stupid about running. Winter running isn’t just about the clothing you wear – although that makes it manageable – it’s about being safe and following rules differently. Continue reading

Winter Running or Holy Crap It’s Cold Outside!

Reno is the only place I’ve lived where I can go running in shorts and a T-shirt in nearly 60* weather on a Sunday, and Tuesday have to figure out what to wear in 23* with ice and snow.  We tend not to ease into winter – it just wakes up one day and bludgeons us.  Our temperatures do fluctuate during the day so if morning running is too chilly, you can go at 3 in the afternoon and add 20*.  As the expression goes – if you don’t like Reno weather, wait 5 minutes. Continue reading

Gearing Up For Cooler Weather

I’ll admit it – there’s a chill in the air.  Tuesday morning’s 5:20 am run was the chilliest at about 40* and it’s definitely time to make some changes.  Runners are picky.  I don’t like anything on my waist, I can’t stand to hold things, the hydration pack is awkward, I need music to run, I don’t like anything bouncing in my pockets, etc…..  But it’s true that when things rub you the wrong way (literally and figuratively), it can throw off your run.  It can also make you uncomfortable.  I’d like everything to velcro to me wherever I put it.  Not bounce, not move, nothing in pockets, nothing on my waist or in my hands.  Until that happens, we do what we can.  I do like the velcro idea though…… Continue reading

Inspiration In A DNF

DNF.  Those horrid little letters that mean SO much to a runner.  Did Not Finish.  It’s one thing us runners try desperately to avoid.  The finish, after all, is where we want to be.  Why, though, can’t we embrace the DNF?  Why does it have to be such a bad thing? Continue reading